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Self-Determination and Decolonization examples

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

What does decolonization mean for Canada? Decolonization requires non-Indigenous Canadians to recognize and accept the reality of Canada's colonial history, accept how that history paralyzed Indigenous Peoples, and how it continues to subjugate Indigenous Peoples.

What is decolonization for Indigenous Peoples? The process of decolonization is a process of healing and moving away from a place of anger, loss, and grief toward a place where Indigenous Peoples can thrive. This can be overwhelming and seemingly impossible for some.

What is self-determination for colonies?

In international law, the right of self-determination that became recognized in the 1960s was interpreted as the right of all colonial territories to become independent or to adopt any other status they freely chose.

What is self-determination in decolonization?

What gave these peoples self-determination rights was the fact that colonial states failed to achieve minimally just rule. The Democratic View: Decolonization was morally required because subject peoples lacked democratic representation.

What are the four types of decolonization?

There are broadly four types of decolonization: 1) self-government for white settler colonies as it happened in Canada and Australia 2) formal end to empire followed by independent rule as in India 3) formal empire replaced by informal empire or neo-colonialism as in Latin America 4) mere change of imperial masters

What is the self-determination?

Self-determination is believing you can control your own destiny. Self-determination is a combination of attitudes and abilities that lead people to set goals for themselves, and to take the initiative to reach these goals.

What is self-determination in history?

During World War I, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson promoted the concept of "self-determination," meaning that a nation—a group of people with similar political ambitions—can seek to create its own independent government or state.

What is self-determination for a country?

Self-determination denotes the legal right of people to decide their own destiny in the international order. Self-determination is a core principle of international law, arising from customary international law, but also recognized as a general principle of law, and enshrined in a number of international treaties.

Why is self-determination important for countries?

In particular, the principle allows a people to choose its own political status and to determine its own form of economic, cultural and social development. Exercise of this right can result in a variety of different outcomes ranging from political independence through to full integration within a state.

What are the characteristics of decolonization?

Decolonization is about “cultural, psychological, and economic freedom” for Indigenous people with the goal of achieving Indigenous sovereignty — the right and ability of Indigenous people to practice self-determination over their land, cultures, and political and economic systems.

What is an example of self-determination?

Although people often say it, self-determination is really not about control. It is about taking action in your life to get the things you want and need. For example, if someone says: "If you do this I'll give you a soda" even if you decide to do it you are not the person who took the action in the first place.

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Moon Rising
Moon Rising
Feb 24, 2023

Thank God for bave intelligent peoplr as you bing awake to the liesand propaganda in this country. I pray for people to readthis letter, open there eyes to the truth! Prayers and love sent <3


Moon Rising
Moon Rising
Dec 05, 2022

We must abolish all forms of government in Canada, the judicial system is corrupted by payments by Truedeau with our money and the debt in Canada is beyound recovery now. Crristina Freelance the finance Minister of Canada took out a loan from the USA for 500 billon dollars to make shure the Liberal governmet is covered till they leave office then they are wishing Canada to sink and to have no choice but to go to WEF for support.! Never I will huntn with a knife and my bare hands before I ever go to thos evil!!!


Moon Rising
Moon Rising
Nov 14, 2022

I understand, I have been through a similar experience here in Canada. Our Medical system and hospitals are horrific. I am terrified to go to the hospital or have a medical physician do any intensive care to my body and mind. I stay home and suffer with pain, rather than seeking medical attention. I have no trust for the system, Parliament, medical, law enforcement or corporations. Since the covid 19 lie I have been almost housebound and am depressed with non trust of my world! I have been physically abused by police 3 times since 2020 and do not want to leave my home for fear of abuse or worst. The police are now more of a nazi minded regim…


As someone who was raised mennonite, I can relate a little about the need to be able to have our own space to live in such a way with our own doctrines, ethics, beliefs, etc. I'm not on a colony... I think it was my great-grandfather who moved to a farm closer to society and my grandfather sold the farm effectively ending that self-sustaining lifestyle. I still have near/distant relatives who do however, like Le Crete Alberta that got some attention when they refused to adhere to any mandate and took care of things as they always did and got through the "pandemic" just fine 🙂. I must admit that I myself got lost in the "noise and bluster" of…

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