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Representative Democracy Delusion

Updated: May 13, 2022

This is a great way to begin understanding what the rights of Indigenous Peoples in Canada are as well as the rights of the French Canadian people and also, without exception, what our rights are as settlers. We must also understand what our rights are at the provincial level where, here in Canada, each province is responsible for its laws which also must be adhered to in conjunction with the Criminal code of Canada and federal laws.

Some of our politicians, as well as those who are basking in ignorance of FACT, would love to see the provinces separate, destroying our country in the process. They should instead focus their efforts at turning this country around to reflect the true will of the people by changing it for everyone’s benefit. Their actions don’t say much for the use of intelligence in the art of intellectual warfare and can therefore easily be defeated by Unity and common sense. Being an intellectual doesn’t make one wholly intelligent or street smart, nor does it indicate that one has common sense. What those basking in ignorance of FACT don’t know is that, under International Law, the country cannot be divided. It must remain as one in order to be represented as a state entity (country) under one governance. However, the country can be subdivided into provinces and territories in regards to Indigenous lands. Only the state entity (government) can be represented and allowed to participate in International Law.

This is why when a country's peoples have the right to self-determination as is the case with the Indigenous nations and the French Canadians (self-determination over their culture only), they attain those rights through the British colonization as settlers (colonies) and now through Canadian politicians and Canada since 1931 officially. Even after being granted full independence in 1931, the Canadian government had chosen to remain under the Imperial British Crown through the Commonwealth of Nations. The Imperial Monarchs owe their titles to the Imperial British Crown (mother country) and Imperial Government represented by the Queen.

The Sovereign can be anyone as discussed in the British Parliament Hansards of 1922. The Imperial British Crown Sovereignty is owned by the British Imperial Government (prerogatives: special rights or powers). The Parliamentary Sovereign Paper Crown belongs to parliament which is given to them by the constituent power. In other words, by voting to elect a parliament which confers (grants) constituent voting power of the people above the Sovereign Imperial Crown to the parliamentarians, except for prerogative power which remains with the Imperial Federal Paper Government (holders of the Sovereign power of the Corporation Sole).

During the Imperial Conferences prior to 1931, the countries decided to remove themselves as self-governing, dependent Dominions to create the Commonwealth of Nations, permitting them to become Independent Nations at par with each other. However, this created a problem, especially prominent with provinces. The question became: “Since the UK is no longer our mother country, who has rights to rule within the country and were they (the country and the provinces) comfortable to change their constitutions?” This problem not only applied to Canada but to other countries as well.

Given this scenario, it was obvious that the politicians of 16 countries chose to keep the British Monarch and Constitutions which reflected the UK Imperial Crown, necessitating the continuation of economic trade and support through military power including constitutional copyrights and patents belonging to the Imperial British Crown (government). A solution to this dilemma needed to be brought forth concerning those who had treaties with the Indigenous nations, especially with Canada, and a possibility (threat) of a re-emerging of historical rebellion wars with the French and Indigenous nations.

As the UK had done hundreds of years prior, that solution was to keep the Imperial political actors as the sovereigns, which meant either the Kings or Queens, or other Monarchs such as Duchies and Governors, and Lieutenant Governors who represented the Imperial Crown Monarchy as actors. Therefore, rather than transferring the ownership of assets and full control to the settlers of the colonies, to decide what should be done with their newfound independence, the transfer of the Corporation’ sole ownership of said assets and control went to these countries’ governmental political actors.

Historical actions indicate what truly transpired for these political actors within the federal and provincial governments (our politicians at the time) who made certain to not release control of the country to its people, but rather to keep it for themselves. To do otherwise would have exposed Britain to its own people and those of the 16 countries (totalling 17). This exposure would have had far reaching implications too. Over time, the federal governments of Canada would have been exposed as having been the true official signatories between Canada and the Indigenous nations, including those covered by these treaties in the Indian Act and other treaties (presumed to be in effect between the Indigenous nations and the Imperial UK Crown until 1982). Canada has falsely claimed to be representing the Imperial UK Crown in these treaties, which has become an erroneously held belief.

In order to maintain control, countries such as Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand etc., chose to maintain the illusion of freedom for the settlers, the Indigenous nations and the French in order to keep Parliamentary Sovereignty. To do this, the politicians created false assumptions and false laws to maintain their control and power over the natural and human resources (the people) as well as the indigenous treaties and their territories that supposedly had been kept under the UK Imperial Crown for protection.

As history unfolded, through the use of words and the abuse of the rule of law, conquests and theft occurred, but not fully described in this manner in the book on the Governor General’s website. By changing the name of the ‘Indigenous lands’ to ‘Crown Lands’, it permitted the false claim that these lands were owned by the Crown of Canada which is considered to be a sleight of hand perpetrated by our political leaders. The proof is indicated in a research project on how, in legal documents, the words changed over time permitting this theft. So how could those in control of our governance within these 16 countries still impose their power above the people who were purportedly free to negotiate new agreements and treaties with the Canadian settlers in Canada, and what of Quebec?

The solution the Canadian politicians conjured and manifested was to subdivide the Queen and give her subtitles. After all, the embodiment of Crown represented not only the UK but also had become the Queen of Canada and so on, known as paper crowns. The Queen’s formal title still belongs to the UK imperial government to which some of the 16 countries are required to pay for Patent and Copyright licences for its use. Our Constitution and system of Parliament also belong to the United Kingdom Imperial Government.

This is one of the reasons why our Constitution can only be corrected and NOT removed from the UK legislature until we are fully independent, which we are not to this day (February 20, 2020), stated by Lord Denning; considering strict Constitutional law in a Canadian Indigenous UK court case document filing of January 28, 1982. What actually transpired in Canada since the liberation of countries and peoples through the Statute of Westminster 1931 was utter malfeasance against the Peoples of Canada as a whole, and extends to the 16 other countries including the UK itself. We could, without a doubt, claim that the Imperial Conferences were a worldwide political coup d’état of our countries.

The political coup initiated through Representative or Proportional Representation of the people by politicians was done without referendums. What should have transpired is detailed explanation of the groundwork the politicians wanted to lay followed by a referendum(s) asking the people if they accepted the new system whereby they would give those elected all rights at election time, including the power for the politicians to write their own laws in a bid to protect themselves and their actions against any possible recourse, legal or otherwise.

It would take hundreds of years to ensure supremacy over the Imperial Crown and its peoples within these 17 countries. Since 1607, the UK Parliament, the Ecclesiastical Lords and Temporal Lords (wealthy heads of families), along with their perceived legal authority created corporate charters with which they would perpetrate the biggest injustice against humanity, against their own peoples. The politicians ensured that we the people could not legally take away their power over us, with little to no recourse to oppose their actions.

The businesses would become the settlers’ legal overlords known as Authority. Under the guise of the Imperial Crown and through the UK government, these elite-run corporations were crafted into becoming our Governments and Parliaments representing the UK government as the Mother country. Given the rebellions that transpired in Canada and elsewhere, the UK government saw no other choice than to give the illusion of national self-governance and self-determination to these countries to stamp out insurrection, thus maintaining access for the corporations to plunder the natural and human resources, which was and still is vital to their wealth management.

The Imperial Conferences in 1926 were in fact an elite rebellion against the UK Imperial Government that led to the development of the Statute of Westminster 1931. If we look deeper into the scenarios that developed, it’s clear to see that threats would have had to be made on the part of the elite politicians, considering that it was in fact our own Canadian politicians who drafted the documents and enforced our International independence from the UK. Who were these Canadian politicians and where did they come from? William Lyon Mackenzie King, who became Prime Minister of Canada, studied economics at the Universities of Chicago and Harvard, then worked for the Rockefellers from 1914 to 1918. In 1919, he was elected Sir Wilfrid Laurier’s successor as leader of the Liberal Party and won the federal elections two years later by a slim majority.

Wikipedia and Mackenzie King’s memoirs:

  1. Leaving the Rockefeller Foundation in February 1918, Mackenzie King became an independent consultant on labour issues for the next two years, earning $1,000 per week from leading American corporations. Even so, he kept his official residence in Ottawa, hoping for a call to duty.

  2. He served as the tenth prime minister of Canada in 1921–1926, 1926–1930 and 1935–1948. He is best known for his leadership of Canada throughout the Second World War (1939–1945) when he mobilized Canadian money, supplies and volunteers to support Britain while boosting the economy and maintaining morale on the home front.

From what I can see, Mackenzie King was implanted by design as our Canadian Prime Minister for the benefit of the USA. He was placed in position to control the Canadian resources to ensure the destruction of the Indigenous nations and to guarantee the continuation of colonial power under his rule, without giving a second thought to Canadians, the Indigenous nations or the French Canadians. Mackenzie King instigated the imperial conferences in gaining international independence of Canada under false pretences, which afforded the elite the control of everything Canada. In fact, Mackenzie King had exchanged the Imperial Crown for a self-crowned imperial prime minister, similar to what Sir John A. Macdonald had previously done for his political party and himself.

The end result of the Statute of Westminster in 1931 was a very well-crafted methodology to impose enforce elitist control of our government, originating with the UK. This style of government has been copied by governments worldwide to this day precluding the liberation of the Peoples thus preventing them from becoming the Collective Sovereigns with final decision making prerogatives above governments as it should have been in 1931 and should be today.

Left unchecked, the corruption deepened within our governments causing further infiltration of political elites through the abuse of power by private corporations, the World Bank, other banking systems and partners. Known as venture capitalism, land grabs and control by debt, the national sovereignty of the people and humanity as a whole, is being destroyed.

If we go further back in Canadian history, this infiltration of government began with the rebellions of 1840 which led to the confederation of the provinces by the Founding Fathers, English monarchists and US loyalists forming the Canadian oligarchies. This confederation enabled an elite Family Compact (also known as Château Clique) to place Canada and its people firmly into the hands of the UK Imperial Government through lies and false pretenses, even if on the surface Canada was to become a free country like the USA.

The Confederation of Canada, from the fallen British North America, gave complete power to the Fathers of Confederation to manipulate the Indigenous nations and the French in Canada. This was done through deceptive measures such as importing those US loyalists who had renounced US independence, with the objective of outnumbering the French in Canada and Indigenous nations and promulgating a threat and fear of British military reprisals and control.

As was done in 1607 by the British elitists back home and worldwide (taking the power and placing themselves over their people using a British Paper Crown), so began the paper crown governments in 1841, by uniting Upper and Lower Canada into the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, run by the elite loyalists who made themselves the government of Canada. This is why Britain makes the claim that they are the ones who founded national and later International self-determination and self-governance of countries under the British Imperial Crown.

The creation of the league of Nations and WWI led to the Imperial Conferences which preceded the Statute of Westminster 1931. This was pivotal to the initiation of the international governing elite of the newly liberated countries in launching their covert worldwide Coup, through the deception within representative democracy. Shortly thereafter came WWII, and the further dismemberment and financial debilitation of independent European countries such as the UK, France, Ireland, Asian countries like China and Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia which were still under British Imperial Colonial control.

By 1941, England was in financial ruin and needed help from the commonwealth countries, in large part because of WWI. This initiated business deals between Britain and other countries like the USA for guns, ammunition, and tanks etc., on a "pay as you go" contract, until a new agreement was reached. This new agreement was called the Lend-Lease Acts which came into force between countries giving financial help to England and the others. The USA set aside 50 Billion dollars of which England received $900 million, and the balance of funds were split between the other countries such as, France, etc., under the guise of assistance.

Since the onset of WWII, Canada's Mutual Aid program sent a loan of $1 billion and $3.4 billion in both services and supplies to Britain and other countries. Australia and New Zealand followed suit to the tune of $1 Billion each, and perhaps more. The Lend-Lease Act loans to Britain were finally paid off to Canadians in 2006.

What needs to be understood here is that England was virtually broke financially and this gave great leverage to the USA, especially given the colonial control Britain had over other countries. But with WWII that scenario was about to change, and how convenient was it for the USA to jump right in? This strategy paid off more than anyone could have imagined. Business in America was booming because it made it possible for the USA to enforce cheaper trade deals with the Commonwealth country that it had long severed its ties with. It also gave the US the ability to create the United Nations, then NATO, the World Bank, and World Trade Organization, inciting total control. After all, the US was the country who had most heavily funded these organizations, thus receiving the lion’s share of votes and the ability to enforce its control.

This control is why, in many instances, these world organizations established their head offices in the USA. We see this in action as US presidents pick and choose who will be the next president of the World Bank (created in 1944), overseeing/influencing head of the World Bank Group (founded in 1946), which includes the United Nations (UN-established in 1945) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF-formed in 1944). We have been led to believe that the actions of the USA were magnanimous, we can now see that it had ulterior motives for its generosity.

What influences precipitated the decolonization from colonial countries such as the UK, USA, France and Spain launched in 1960? Europe, coming out of WWII with an economically and politically weakened position created an open door for the desire for self-determination and liberation from colonial clutches, particularly in Asian and African countries. This nationalistic desire had to be contained, catapulting the UN, seen as the embodiment of international peace and security, to publicly denounce authoritarianism and replace it with Representative Democracy (total “democratic” power given to party elites by its citizens through a voting structure).

The UN’s Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples 1960 was voted in (89 countries in favour, none opposed – 9 abstained including the US which still has colonies to this day). This declaration instituted a new structure from a secret diplomacy of the centralized authoritarian Euro-centric classical system, to a seemingly decentralized representative democracy. In other words, there was a shifting power from Imperial-Colonialism to a burgeoning power of a New World Order (United Nations Organization), heavily financed by the US, all for the perceived notion of international peace and security. Power then weaved its way from a Cold War between two super powers (bipolar) to the international system we have today (unipolar) of liberalism and globalism – checkmate.

Surely these colonialists would have wanted to maintain their powers over their respective colonies and resources. And what of Canada? After WWII, the Covenant on Decolonization opened the door to self-determination from colonial governance in 1960. The people were to be above the government to intervene whenever they collectively chose to. Self-determination is constant, it is not to be used and discarded only through each federal or provincial election. However, the Canadian and provincial governments made certain that we would not have legal recourse to do so.

The smoke and mirrors created by the governing corporate elite, through a worldwide political coup d’état of representative democracy, is not surprising and explains why the Canadian peoples (and most assuredly humanity) have been manipulated through the very selective use of words creating a false sense of trust. What’s truly amazing and at the same time horrific, is that almost 8 billion people are blind to the veils of deception. If they do see through these veils, then they feel powerless to change things, and nothing could be further from the truth!

Looking deeper still at Canada and the political connections of our prime ministers such as Sir John A. Macdonald, Mackenzie King, Pierre E. Trudeau and son, Brian Mulroney, Stephen Harper and even Michael Ignatieff (although he lost the election) were all anointed and sent to us by the power elites of the USA, especially by the Council on Foreign relations (CFR – founded in 1921), and most notably the USA World Federalist Movement (established in 1930s and 1940s) with their New World Order (NWO).

Do you want to know who rules in Canada? Look no further than to John Manley, founder of the North American Union, along with Robert Pastor (now deceased) and Security Prosperity Partnerships of North America (SPP) of which Paul Martin is a signatory for Canada. There are also families like the Desmarais within the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE) and now, the Canadian Council for Public Private Partnerships (CCPPP). Let’s not forget the switch from the Generally Accepted Accounting Standards (GAAP - value of assets subtracts debt) accounting method to the International Financial Reporting System (IFRS – value of assets adds debt) which is nothing short of a fraudulent accounting scheme, courtesy of the Harper government.

What will it take for people to join the PowerShift, and help the Canadian Peoples' Union NFP to take a lawful stand? Each of us needs to take our rightful place in Canadian Governance as the collective Head of State above the government, instead of giving our power away as we have done for the last 153 years.

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May 23, 2022

Hi Nicole. I wanted to show a few friends the couple of videos you had here reading the letters you wrote to Her Majesty and everyone else hoping to help us. I can't find them anywhere. I hope you are still with PS and fighting for us Canadians <3

Rhonda Cwynar
Rhonda Cwynar
May 26, 2022
Replying to

You'll find the videos in the Education section of our website (it is a drop-down option from our main menu) or click here:

You can also find the videos on the following social media channels:

Facebook: YouTube Rumble


Thank you Nicole and everyone at The Power Shift, you are proof,

God always makes a way where there seems to be no way! Nicole, you have passed a baton to us, the people of CANADA! We must stand up for what is ours, the land of CANADA! Let us run the race to the finish! CANADIANS, let’s go, tell it on the mountains, tell it to our neighbours, to our friends, shopkeepers, everyone we meet, write letters, let everyone know, there is a way to FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, AND JUSTICE! The Canadian Peoples Union has found the way! CANADIANS, we MUST do our part, it’s up to you and me. We must use our voices, we must join in toget…


Mar 26, 2022

Thanks , I hated history in school and now I find out its all crap. Thank you Rhonda


ok I am frustrated how to use this site as a member. can someone help can upload stuff I find to my page...

Replying to

thank you Bilko...


I have no idea how I woke this morning to this new Lib and NDP coalition crap. How was that even possible? I don't know how you could of made it any easier Nicole then to click and sign... no meet and greets just sign for your own rights. How can you do anything any more simpler then to get people to sign. and pass the word... I felt sick this morning and then I can't handle hearing "WHAT CAN WE DO? HOW CAN WE GET EVERYONE TOGETHER.?"FROM PEOPLE WHO HAVE JUST THEIR EYES FINALLY!!

I know I have done a lot since I woke in 2016, well I was always awake, I am an Aquarius women... and yes they…

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