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Neither The Monarchy Nor The Governor General Will Help You!

How old were you when you first learned that neither the Queen nor Governor General of Canada will step in to directly help the People of Canada because that has not been their role in our governance since 1931?

How old were you when you first learned that no amount of emails, letters, calls, direct appeals, petitions, rallying or protests will get them to step in to help?

I was in my 50s! you're not alone!

Mostly because in school I was taught that the Governor General's Role, along with the Lieutenant-Governor's Role, was to fulfill the Crown's Duty to the People of Canada along with their required duties and responsibilities to their respective Parliaments and Legislatures under the Westminster Style of Governance in Canada. That they answered to the Queen and were fulfilling the wishes of the Queen.

I WAS WRONG! For so long I was wrong.

The truth is harsh, and neither the Governor-General nor the Lieutenant Governors of Canada is able to actually step in to help the People of Canada, simply because that has not been their role since 1931.

Their role is to carry out the "colonial function" of the Queen of Canada's duties that are now mainly symbolic in nature yet necessary for our colonial Westminster Style of Governance to function with no change from 1867.

Why only mainly in symbolism?

While our colonial Westminster Style of Governance has not evolved or changed from when it was put in place in 1867, the role of the Monarchy has.

In 1931 the Statue of Westminster changed the role of the UK, and by extension the Monarchy, for all the Commonwealth States, except for Legislation and Acts that still reside only in the UK Parliament.

In 1982, with our newly amended Constitution that now included the Charter of Rights and Freedoms among many other amendments, the Monarchy in our Constitution was also changed to the Crown of Canada, and Queen Elizabeth was kept in place so our colonial Westminister Style of Governance would remain unchanged.

The Crown of Canada is the Head of State in our Constitution with Executive Powers over the Queen's Privy Council, our Governor-General and by extension our Lieutenant Governors in each Province.

So who uses the Executive Powers of the Crown of Canada if Queen Elizabeth cannot?

Through the "Unwritten Constitution" the Executive Powers of the Crown of Canada are used by the Queen's Privy Council and the Executive Cabinet of Federal Parliament, and the Executive Cabinet of Provincial Governments.

In 1981-82 the Federal and Provincial governments could have changed the Head of State from one of the Monarchy to those who truly hold Canada in their hands, the Collective Citizens and Indigenous People of Canada. However, to do so, would mean actually being accountable to the people.

So, in simple terms, due to "consistent actions over time, being accepted but not put in writing", the Prime Minister and Premiers of Canada are the "Crown of Canada" with their respective powers divided in the Constitution.

In the case of the Federal Executive Powers, the Queen's Privy Council is also still kept in place so there are no changes needed to the colonial Westminster Style of Governance.

So the Governor General of Canada, and the Lieutenant Governors of the Provinces, take their orders from the Prime Minister and Premiers.

So how can they remove a Prime Minister that is failing Canada and its' People so badly?

First, there needs to be a vote of no-confidence in the House of Commons. Only then, if the vote is successful, do they step in.

It is up to 338 elected officials to either keep a horrible Prime Minister in place or work to have them removed through a vote of no-confidence.

It is up to the Senators to be the "sober second thought" for decisions made by the 338 officials we elect.

No one really "oversees" any of this unless compelled to by legislation or acts, and these are often called "inquiries". The "recommendations" of any overseeing inquiries or departments often result in no changes whatsoever.

So, in conclusion, if you truly want to be able to hold those you elect accountable for their actions, decisions, lies, corruption, etc., then the Collective Citizens and Indigenous People of Canada need to be placed equally as the Head of State, as we all are the true owners of Canada.

This can be done via a "constitutional correction" in the UK Parliament as our Constitution still resides only in the UK Parliament. It is a "correction" because this is what should have been done in 1982 but wasn't because of "power".

Sign your Convention of Consent if you want to be able to hold those you elect accountable. Sign if you want your future generations to be able to.

Take the extra step, stay informed and involved and become a member of the CPU, for your collective civil and political rights.

Get your family, friends and neighbours involved.

Together, the only people that will help us through this, is the person who is looking back in the mirror when you brush your teeth.

It is time for us all to quit blaming each other and instead, all turn and begin looking closely at who really is to blame for what is happening in Canada today. Those who are elected and those they put into partisan appointed civil servant positions within our government.

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Doreen Agostino
Doreen Agostino
Jul 19, 2022

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