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Forum Guidelines

The FAQ sections are for all to educate on the CPU and the PowerShift Solution.

CPU Members, when posting and/or discussing (commenting) please keep relevant to the goals, mission and vision of the CPU Organization you are a member of and adhere to the following:


  • Be Respectful:  Everyone has a right to their ideas and opinions

  • Stay On Topic:

Keep posts relevant to the theme of the forum section​ and to the goals, mission and vision of the CPU Organization

Keep comments relevant to the post

If you think a new Forum Section is needed, let us know in the "How to Use This Forum" section

  • Check For Duplicate Content:  Someone might have already created a post similar to yours or answered your question

  • DO NOT SPAM or POST about any other movements, groups, petitions, etc., inviting or asking people to join or sign..  It will be removed.

    IF YOU WANT TO COLLABORATE with the CPU, contact us directly at so we can arrange a collaboration agreement.  All posts and comments pertaining to those without this agreement will be removed


  • DO NOT POST or comment on anything regarding Freemen On The Land, Sovereign Citizen Common Law, or anything pseudo-law.  It will be removed.  If you need clarification on what this is, or what we are referring to, please refer to the Pseudo-law section on this Forum


In no way should any information coming from this Forum be construed as legal or medical advice.  This Forum is for educational purposes through the sharing of guidance documents and discussion in order to offer support and help people understand their legal Civil and Political rights, as individuals and as a collective.  This is to be a resource database of information for CPU Members to stay #InformedandInvolved with the CPU and PowerShift.

Together we are stronger and more powerful in defending our rights and freedoms

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