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How To Become a C.P.U. Member

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

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Canadian People's Union Membership

You will notice that some sections of our website are only accessible to C.P.U. Members. This is because our website has been designed to serve three purposes:

1. Calls To Action: Instructions for PC or iOS & Android Smart phones

For PC: From the main page, go to Resource Hubtab”, from the menu, click on the 2nd one, Calls to Action, which will directly bring you to the Take Action page.

For iOS & Android smart phones: On the main page, “press” on the white round “icon”, scroll down until you see Resource Hub, “press” on the red down arrow, then “press” on Calls To Action, it will directly bring you to the Take Action page.

All this information has been created by the C.P.U. and is accessible to the public via the following address:

2. A free, friendly and respectful site for Powershift Supporters. You can participate in discussions on a number of Powershift-related topics with other Powershift Supporters and C.P.U. members. You can sign up for free at the login icon and can visit the website’s Forum section under the Resource Hub tab.

3. For C.P.U. Members only

Why Become a Canadian Peoples’ Union Member?

This gives the C.P.U. Members the opportunity to work with others who share the same views and understand that the governance of our country is unacceptable.

How Is This Done?

C.P.U. Members can work to change and fix what is unacceptable, to ensure that our children and future generations, have a solid foundation to manœuvre with respect to individual rights, collective rights, and the ability to self-determine their governance.

It will be done through discussion, critical thinking, problem solving, brainstorming and debate on how we wish to be self-governed, and how we want our government to work for us.

What we want to put in place is that the Collective Citizens and Indigenous Peoples of Canada having the Collective Right, to monitor and work with elected governments to effectively solve the source of the problem that is causing the various issues in our country today.

There are many ways to achieve it, and we will all collectively work together on this.

The harsh reality is that there are no "overseeing" bodies of experts, elected officials, etc. that keep those we elect accountable for their actions and have no conflict of interest.

Elected Politicians simply write, amend or change the rules and laws to benefit their political parties or special interest lobby groups without consultation, or if consultation has been performed, it invariably is only a formality without consequence to their primary objective.

C.P.U. Members understand that the only difference between living under dictatorship or being free to make one’s own decisions is... who has the final-decision making authority. Better put, it is who has the authority to say "No".

Since 1867, the Collective Citizens and Indigenous People of Canada have had no active means to say “No” to decisions made in between elections as the government(s) solely decide if referendums are required.

Voting is not an active means of saying “No”. Voting is simply a way of deciding who will say “No” on your behalf without having an active or meaningful way to hold them accountable in between elections.

The C.P.U. Membership is an annual membership. There are several options for joining and paying the annual membership under the membership “tab” at the following link: You will find a couple of options to join here, on our website. #informedandinvolved #powershifttofreedom

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