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It's Not A Petition!

Updated: May 30, 2022

One of the PowerShift actions asks you to fill in and sign your "Convention of Consent to Collective Civil and Political Rights of Self-Determination and Self-Governance".

We are often asked about our "Petition" and field this question.

Unlike paper or online petitions where personal information is sold or used elsewhere, the Convention of Consent you are filling in and signing is not a Petition. and your information is never going to be "handed over", it remains confidential.

This Convention of Consent is a legal agreement between you and everyone else who completes and signs it.

The full explanation can be found here:

You are also asked to declare that you have a SIN (Social Insurance Number) and Birth Certificate, which means that you must attest to owning one, not to give us the details. This is personal and confidential information which we do not require for its signature. In other words, you are declaring truthfully, through your signature, that you are a Canadian Citizen or Indigenous person of 15 years or older, which fulfills that requirement. There is no place in the document to either attach a copy of your certificate or enter a SIN number.

So what happens to your information once you've successfully submitted your signed Convention of Consent online?

  • All your personal information is kept private as per Canada's Privacy of Information Act,

  • We go further and comply with the US and EU Privacy of Information Acts,

  • We go even further and keep your information HIPAA compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) as well.

In other words, your personal information is encrypted and is assigned a number. There is nothing that identifies your personal information to this number, when it is submitted as proof showing the Collective Citizens and Indigenous Peoples of Canada to become, through a Constitutional Correction, enshrined in our Constitution, as the Collective Head of State.

To clarify, signing your Convention of Consent does not add your information to any mailing list, newsletter list, any other lists or databases.

Signing your Convention of Consent does not make you a member of the Canadian Peoples' Union, NFP.

For these reasons, we can state that signing your Convention of Consent is a legal, safe and private action.

There are no costs attached to your signing your Convention of Consent. It was designed to be FREE for all Canadian Citizens and Indigenous Peoples aged 15 and older.

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The devils job is to steal , kill and destroy , our political leaders are doing this , plus lying and manipulating us all . Trudeau is Garbage , our whole political system has become puppets for the NWO ! Maybe if we cut the puppet strings , we can put a damper into their many evils plans and one basic agenda ,


Hope we soon get to the end of all this you guys are doing great .Put them all out of the government they all lie to the people We need to get our freedom back.

Rhonda Cwynar
Rhonda Cwynar
May 09, 2022
Replying to

Thanks Sylvia, we definitely need a way to keep those we elect accountable and be able to remove them immediately should they prove to be corrupt or not working in the best interests of Canada and its people.

I just want to remind people that this isn't about "replacing government", because that is what we do every election...and it doesn't matter who is replaced by who...the outcome is always the same.

Rather, this is about, for the first time being able to exercise our Collective Civil and Political Rights as the Collective Head of State so those we elect don't only answer to themselves and their political party. For the first time, they'd have to answer to who we ar…

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