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Explanation of the PowerShift Convention of Consent to Collective Civil and Political Rights of Self-Determination and Self-Governance

In Canada, our civil and political rights in law are being stripped from us.

Our free society and Country are at risk.

It is time for the Collective Citizens and Indigenous People to “step into” our Constitution to restrain those that we elect to govern in the name of Canada’s population and hold them accountable for their actions every day of the year.

I do rightfully consent that upon reaching a majority of signatures by Canadian Citizens and Indigenous Peoples aged 15-year of age and older, this Convention will thereafter be concluded as Enacted and shall hold Official Standing to be used in a Constitutional Challenges as Public Interest Standing found therein.

I do rightfully consent and understand that we will, as a collective and with our current system of governance, work towards changing our parliamentary system of democracy to a democratic system of governance that includes the Citizens and Indigenous People of Canada having final decision-making authority to ensure the Dominion of Canada remains one for and by its Citizens and Indigenous People. This will be done as seamlessly as possible, wherein our living law of the land, our Constitution will finally become for and by the Citizens and Indigenous People of Canada.

I do rightfully consent in uniting for Court and Constitutional Challenges: Public Interest Standing for, but not limited to, the following purposes:

1. Retain, in voting, my democratic right to civil and political self-determination and self-governance. If successful, those elected will work for, and answer to, their constituent base, and as such, can be removed at any time by their constituent base. Thereby, it is not a conflict of interest, nor is it considered lobbying, for me to interact with whoever is elected in my riding(s) federally, provincially, or municipally in ways that advance the values and principles that embody a free democratic society, which includes the respect for a diversity of opinions and beliefs.

2. A Constitutional Correction to place the Collective Citizens and Indigenous People as the rightful Collective Head of State. If successful, I understand that all conferred rights of authority and powers shall be transferred to the Collective Citizens and Indigenous People of Canada, as well as will be enforced the collective ownership of land and rights of property and the independence they apportion.

I understand this means that the Collective Citizens and Indigenous People of Canada become the foundation of our parliament and its executive, legislative, and judicial branches of federal, provincial, and municipal jurisdictions and as such elected representatives will oversee our system of governance and provide “assent” to allow for bills to become law and for letters patent and orders in council to have legal effect.

I understand this correction will finally mean we will have the governance we have been told we have had since 1867, “the power of the people above government and political parties”. To ensure this is now carried out “in action”, the custom of Senators, the Governor-General, Lieutenant-Governors, and Privy Council being “appointed” with no input from the people of Canada will be removed to stop the continuous abuse of power of the government and political parties over the Citizens and Indigenous People of Canada.

I understand the Collective Citizens and Indigenous People, as the Collective Head of State, will retain the compliance and upholding of all current government(s) agreements on “INDIGENOUS TREATY RIGHTS”.

3. The development and creation of legislation for the evolving of our new democratic system of governance, and for our constitution to move from one that is almost impossible to change by the Collective Citizens and Indigenous People of Canada, to one that is living and changing as needed. This involves the creation of local non-partisan elected “Citizen and Indigenous Committees” that are government-funded and work with every federal, provincial, and municipal electoral district to form a functional Governance System, grounded in the principles that embody a free and democratic society, which include a respect for diversity of opinions and beliefs, with a mandate that incorporates, but is not exclusive to:

· Discussion, feedback, and education on all issues in which Final Decision-Making Authority is held and set forth by the population through the voting process, and for the purpose of no single person, a select group of elites or select party having final decision-making power or authority over any major issue or matter affecting the population in general.

· In collaboration with the federal, provincial, and municipal government departments of the Senate, Governor-In-Council and Queen’s Privy Council, and the various Advisory Committees and Councils provide the constituents with full transparency and education on our democratic rights, existing legislation, acts, regulations, changes needed, etc.

· Provide discussion around current issues and solutions that may work, as well as identify the need for a referendum(s) on issues where all Federal, Provincial and Municipal decisional powers are subject to a majority vote by the affected population.

· Conduct polls and surveys to provide real feedback on the changes needed to the “living laws, legislations, acts, regulations, etc., of our land”. As the government(s) role is to “serve the people” they will no longer oversee polls, surveys or feedback from the citizens and indigenous people; nor will the government(s), lobby groups, select groups or select parties be allowed to sway popular public opinion through media propaganda. All media around policies, legislation, changes needed, etc., must be factual, non-divisive, and must embody a free and democratic society, which includes the respect for diversity of opinions and beliefs.

· Elected officials will work in collaboration with the elected “Citizen and Indigenous Committees” to bring the information back to their respective parliaments, legislatures, council meetings, etc., for discussion, vote and ultimately to a referendum if needed.

By signing the present consent document, I acknowledge receiving one copy of this signed consent document and agree to the holding of one or more original true copies by the Canadian Peoples’ Union NFP INC, I-ACUSE Representatives, and Edu-Santé RESEARCH INC., management staff for the use in its implementation and presenting of it/them before either/and; THE SUPREME COURT OF CANADA, THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY, THE PARLIAMENT OF CANADA, THE INTERNATIONAL COURTS, AND ANY OFFICIAL FEDERAL AND/OR PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT MINISTRY BEING AFFECTED BY IT. All personal information herein shall be protected and shall not be shared and/or disclosed to any other private party. The undersigned consents to be contacted by the Canadian Peoples’ Union NFP INC, I-ACUSE, Nicole Lebrasseur and the Edu-Santé RESEARCH INC., management, and staff in the future for any issue requiring his/her input, opinion, or approval. All Canadian Peoples’ Union NFP INC, I-ACUSE volunteers, Nicole Lebrasseur & Edu-Santé RESEARCH INC members are bound under a non-disclosure confidentiality agreement. All documents are held in a secured location.

Living Document last edited November 17, 2021

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