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Crown Corporate Policy Wars against Human Rights in Canada & What YOU can do!

Nicoles-2023-Letter (2)
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It is much higher than Trudeau. It is worldwide take over of all nations throught the Cabal, the Rockchild, the secret societies that are not so secret anymore. They are in the open and there is no stoping them... Canada is dome... May God have mercy on our children

Jan 22, 2023
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If you rely on anyone else but Canadians to fix this collectively, then you will wait a long time. They are all chills and wasting peoples time. It will be too late to do anything. Think long and hard on this. NONE of them will save us except for ourselves coming together as one.


Trudeau must be impeached as he is a traitor to Canada and a tyrant first class. He has a god complex and has to go, he is no longer for the people and only for himself. We as the people have a right to remove him from government and that is what we must do to protect ourselves form his tyranny.

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